The Maple is an entirely reader funded publication that puts the working class first. We’re fiercely critical and dedicated to investigating stories and exploring ideas no one else will.

We publish both news and opinion. Our reporting unpacks the key issues of the day and examines them from original angles that challenge the status quo. Meanwhile, our opinion team brings you thoughtfully argued ideas and perspectives that confront mainstream thinking.

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What makes us different?

Why trust us when you have dozens of other options to get your news? Canada’s media landscape is chock-full of amazing choices:

  • You’ve got Postmedia newspapers, run by a foreign hedge fund and on a mission to expose readers to right-wing views
  • You’ve got CTV News and CityNews, owned by Bell and Rogers respectively, who will definitely tell it how it is about the big corporations that exploit us
  • How about The Globe and Mail? Canada’s premier business news chain written for corporate executives and billionaires alike!

But if you’re looking for an alternative, that’s what we’re here for. The Maple was founded as an antidote to the establishment corporate press. We’re here to tell the stories that others just won’t, and we’re here to do it with an unwavering commitment to fact-driven journalism centred on issues concerning working class Canadians.

The housing crisis. Runaway inequality. Endless wars. We investigate these issues not as tragic inevitabilities, but with an unapologetically critical view. Why are these crises happening? Who’s profiting? And what’s stopping us from dealing with it? If this sounds like your cup of tea, sign up for our newsletter for free and start seeing what real public-interest journalism can look like.

Who owns and funds you?
In short, you do. We’ve got no investors, no institutional backers and no advertisers funding our work. The Maple is a 100 per cent reader funded non-profit. Readers support us by buying monthly and yearly memberships, which come with perks like commenting privileges and exclusive newsletters.

And since we’re a non-profit, all revenue is re-invested into The Maple to strengthen our journalism.

It also means we have an unparalleled level of editorial independence. There’s no outside funder that gets to dictate what we do or don’t publish. And since we don’t run ads, our coverage isn’t influenced by what corporate advertisers might like or dislike. We answer to no one except our readers.

It’s risky, because we’re entirely reliant on readers to fund our work. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. If you want to be part of our little experiment to build a better news alternative, become a member today and help us publish more investigations, articles, and opinions!

Our Team

Davide Mastracci is the managing editor of the opinion section at The Maple. He was previously the managing editor of Passage. In the past, Davide has worked for HuffPost Canada and Vice News, among other publications. His writing has been published widely in Canada and abroad, including at Al Jazeera, The Walrus, Canadaland, Maisonneuve, and Electronic Intifada.

Alex Cosh is the managing editor of the news section at The Maple and hosts the North Untapped podcast. He was The Maple’s original managing editor. In the past, he worked for PressProgress and wrote regularly for a local newspaper in British Columbia. His writing has also been published in Jacobin, National Observer, The Tyee, Briarpatch and Ricochet.

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