1. The Maple’s comment sections are reserved for active paid members who have filled in their profile information. However, comments may be viewed by anyone. 
  2. The Maple reserves the right to remove any comment on the site at any time without notifying the commenter beforehand.
  3. However, The Maple will refrain from removing comments unless The Maple staff consider them to be: a) potentially defamatory or legally problematic in any other way; b) hateful; c) spam.
  4. If a comment is removed for reasons 3(a) or 3(b), commenters will have their commenting privilege revoked. If this occurs, the commenter will be notified, and they will be given the opportunity to have their membership refunded at a prorated basis given that commenting is listed as a perk of paid membership.
  5. If a comment is removed for reason 3(c), and the spam in question does not violate rule 3(a) or 3(b), the commenter will be given a warning by a Maple staffer through email explaining why the comment was removed and informing them that another violation will result in having their commenting privilege revoked.
  6. Any comment made on The Maple’s website may be quoted, in part or in full, elsewhere at The Maple (i.e., in the members’ section of the Friday newsletter). A link to the comment section where the comment was made will accompany any such use of the comment.