In January 2021, I published an article documenting family relations in Canadian journalism.

At the time, I wrote, “Late last year, various groups announced that they are launching media diversity surveys to help the public get a better sense of the makeup of Canadian newsrooms. These surveys will examine demographic factors, such as race and gender. What remains missing is an effort to track how many journalists working today either had or have family members in the industry.”

The article, which has since been updated multiple times, proved to be popular, and sparked a heated discussion among journalists and the public alike. It also led many people in other countries to remark that they wished such an article existed for the industry there.

Although Passage is a Canadian publication, we often publish articles (including media criticism) that appeal to a broader audience. As such, and because no one in the United States appears to be doing it, I’ve chosen to put together a guide to family relations in the U.S. journalism industry.

In order to be included, the family must have at least one currently-working journalist. The article deals only with journalists. So, for example, a journalist who is the son of a politician wouldn’t be included in it unless they’re also related to a journalist. I haven’t included spouses unless they both share a relation with another journalist (for example, being the parents or child and child-in-law of a journalist).

I’ve put together a list of all the connections of which I’m aware. I have no doubt that this list fails to be comprehensive, judging by my first attempt at the Canadian version of this article (it started off with 14 families, but then jumped to 57 after receiving tips), and the fact that the U.S. industry is much larger and I’m less familiar with it.

As such, if you know of any more relations that fit the criteria, please send an email listing them to so they can be included in future updates. They will need to be fact checked, so including a source in your email is helpful, although not necessary. Your identity will be kept anonymous. If you believe you’ve spotted an error in the article, please reach out to that email address as well, and your message will be reviewed promptly.

This list isn’t intended to be a reflection on the competence of any of the journalists mentioned. I’m not implying that they’re in the industry because of family connections, or that they would have never succeeded otherwise. I’m also not implying any of them have tried to hide their family connections, as most have mentioned them either in their writing or on social media.

Here they are…

Albert | Alter | Asimov | Buck | Doocy | Dreyfuss | Eagle | Geist | Glasser | Goldberg | Goldberg | Golic | Haberman | Hamilton | Holt | Johnson | Mayer | Osnos | Podhoretz | Rich | Russert | Sanger | Seigenthaler | Stern | Stewart | Sulzberger | Taibbi | Wallace | Wilson | Wintour | Yglesias

Albert Family

Journalists: Steve Albert, Marv Albert, Al Albert, Kenny Albert

Steve Albert, Marv Albert and Al Albert are brothers, and all were or are sports broadcasters.

Steve had a 45-year-long career in broadcasting, including 24 seasons with the NBA, as well as stints in other sports. He was inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame in 2007 and was twice named “announcer of the year” by the International Boxing Federation. He retired in 2017.

Marv’s career spanned more than 50 years, including work for NBC (he was fired from the network in 1997 after pleading guilty to assault and battery) and TNT. He won the Curt Gowdy Media Award from the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, and was inducted into the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association Hall of Fame and the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame. He retired in 2021.

Al also worked as a basketball broadcaster for a variety of stations and networks, including the USA Network. He covered the Indiana Pacers and Denver Nuggets in particular.

Kenny Albert is the son of Marv, and nephew of Steve and Al. He has worked as a sports broadcaster since at least the mid-’90s, and has covered every major sport in the United States. He has also covered the Olympics.

A 1992 Sports Illustrated article claims that the Albert family helped to make nepotism “cool.”

Alter Family

Journalists: Jonathan Alter, Jamie Alter Lynton, Charlotte Alter, Mark Chiusano, Tommy Alter

Jonathan Alter’s website states that he’s “an award-winning author, political analyst, documentary filmmaker, columnist, television producer and radio host” who has worked for Newsweek, NBC News, and MSNBC, and “has written for the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Washington Monthly, the New Yorker, Bloomberg, the Daily Beast and other publications.” His page also notes: “Since 2016, he has hosted ‘Alter Family Politics’ each week on Sirius XM, 102 with his three adult children.”

Jonathan is the brother of Jamie Alter Lynton. An author bio for Jamie states: “Jamie Alter Lynton is the founder of LA School Report. She was a journalist and television news producer and executive for 15 years in her early career, working at CNN, CBS and CNBC. She served as a VP and LA Bureau Chief of Court TV, and managed its educational division.”

Jonathan is the father, and Jamie an aunt, of Charlotte Alter and Tommy Alter.

Charlotte’s website notes that she currently works as “a senior correspondent at TIME covering politics and social issues.” An author profile for Charlotte notes that she is a “co-host of the ‘Alter Family Politics’ weekly talk show on Sirius XM radio, [and that] her work has also appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and Vox.” In 2019, Charlotte got married to Mark Chiusano, who, according to his website, is a columnist at Newsday.

An author bio for Tommy states that he is a “producer, writer, podcast host and co-founder of ThreeFourTwo Productions.” It adds: “Tommy currently produces multiple shows on premium television including Desus and Mero on Showtime and The Shop on HBO. He has also produced and written for shows on Comedy Central and NBC Universal.” A 2013 Daily Beast author profile notes that he has “written for The Huffington Post, Yahoo and Sports Illustrated.”

Asimov Family

Journalists: Stanley Asimov, Eric Asimov, Nanette Asimov

Stanley Asimov was “the former vice president for editorial administration of Newsday and a highly respected journalist for more than 40 years,” according to his obituary. His career included work as a politics reporter, copy editor, night city editor, assistant managing editor and assistant to the publisher. He also taught in the journalism department at Columbia. Isaac Asimov, the science fiction writer, was his brother. Stanley died in 1995.

Stanley is the father of Eric Asimov and Nanette Asimov.

Eric is the wine critic at The New York Times. He has worked at the paper in a variety of roles.

Nanette currently works as the higher education reporter at the San Francisco Chronicle. She has worked as an education reporter since at least the early ’90s.

Buck Family

Journalists: Jack Buck, Joe Buck

Jack Buck worked as a sports broadcaster for nearly 50 years. He covered a variety of sports, and was inducted into multiple halls of fame for his work. He died in 2002.

Jack was the father of Joe Buck. Joe currently works as “the lead play-by-play announcer for FOX Sports’ NFL and MLB coverage,” according to an author bio on that site. His bio adds that his broadcasting career started in 1989, that he has worked at the network since 1994 and that him and Jack “are the only father and son to each call the Super Bowl on network television.” Jack’s obituary notes that he and Joe covered St. Louis Cardinals games together at one point.

Doocy Family

Journalists: Steve Doocy, Peter Doocy, Hillary Vaughn

Steve Doocy “currently serves as co-host of FOX News Channel’s (FNC) FOX & Friends,” according to his profile on the site. It also notes that he joined the “FNC in 1996 as a weather reporter and was named to the FOX & Friends role in 1998.”

Steve is the father of Peter Doocy. According to an author bio, Peter currently “serves as a White House correspondent for FOX News Channel (FNC).” It adds that he “joined the network in 2009 as a general assignment reporter based in the New York bureau.” In 2021, Peter married Hillary Vaughn, who is “a correspondent for FOX News Channel and FOX Business Network.”

A 2021 profile of the Doocys refers to them as “the first family of Fox News.”

Dreyfuss Family

Journalists: Emily Dreyfuss, Ben Dreyfuss

Emily Dreyfuss and Ben Dreyfuss are siblings (and the children of Richard Dreyfuss and Jeramie Rain, the actors).

A Harvard bio states: “[Emily] is the senior editor of the Technology and Social Change (TaSC) team and the co-lead of the Harvard Shorenstein Center News Leaders summit. Emily got her start in journalism as a local newspaper reporter, then as an editor at an alt-weekly, before entering the tech reporting fray as an editor at CNET. She was a senior writer and editor at WIRED for many years and most recently helped launch the tech news site Protocol.”

Ben runs a Substack. The “about” page there notes that he “was in charge of audience development at Mother Jones” for eight years. He has also worked as a social media editor at CBS and an actor.

In September 2022, Ben tweeted, “People like to say that I only have a career in journalism because of nepotism from my father but that is not true! I have it because of nepotism from my sister! She’s the one who got me my first job.”

Eagle Family

Journalists: Ian Eagle, Noah Eagle

Ian Eagle has worked as a sports broadcaster at CBS since 1998, mostly covering the NFL.

Ian is the father of Noah Eagle. Noah is also a sportscaster, who has worked for Fox Sports and CBS.

In November 2019, The Athletic published an article about Noah titled, “‘He’s 22 going on 52’: Noah Eagle follows in dad’s footsteps as Clippers radio voice.” The article describes how Noah became a sportscaster, as well as his relationship with his father. Noah is quoted as saying: “There’s a stigma that comes with the last name and I’m okay with that […] I don’t think there’s any reason to run away from it, which I used to. But once I got to a certain age and realized, ‘Oh, it’ll help me get in the door’ and then it’s up to me. That was when my whole thinking shifted. I feel like it’s been way better for me that way. I realized it’s not really a curse or anything. It’s always a good thing.”

Geist Family

Journalists: Bill Geist, Willie Geist

Bill Geist worked in journalism for at least 45 years, including as a reporter and columnist at the Chicago Tribune, a columnist at The New York Times, and a correspondent for CBS News. He retired in 2018.

Bill is the father of Willie Geist. Willie has worked in journalism since the late ’90s, including at CNN, MSNBC and NBC. A profile at the Today show website states: “Willie Geist is the host of NBC News’ Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist. He is also a co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe and a regular host and contributor to TODAY, as well as to NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt and Meet the Press.”

A May 2014 profile of Willie states: “But perhaps more than anything else, Geist is a natural on camera because he comes by it honestly. His father, Bill, is a longtime Emmy Award-winning correspondent for CBS News, and some of the younger Geist’s earliest memories have to do with his dad’s profession. ‘I grew up around television, around cameras,’ he says. ‘My dad used to shoot a lot of his pieces in our house in New Jersey. It became a part of our lives. I’d come down for breakfast, and there’d be lights and cameras all over the place. I’d look around and think, “That’d be a fun thing to get paid to do.”’”

In 2014, Bill and Willie co-authored a book titled, Good Talk, Dad: The Birds and the Bees…and Other Conversations We Forgot to Have. The book is about their relationship.

Glasser Family

Journalists: Stephen Glasser, Lynn Glasser, Susan Glasser, Peter Baker

Stephen Glasser and Lynn Glasser were a married couple who co-founded the Legal Times in 1978. Stephen died in August 2022.

Stephen and Lynn are the parents of Susan Glasser. An author bio for Susan at The New Yorker states: “Susan B. Glasser is a staff writer at The New Yorker, where she writes a weekly column on life in Washington. Glasser has served as the top editor of several Washington publications, including Politico, where she founded the award-winning Politico Magazine, and Foreign Policy.” She also spent a decade at the Washington Post.

In 2000, Susan married Peter Baker. Peter’s author profile at The New York Times states: “Peter Baker is the chief White House correspondent for The New York Times […] Mr. Baker joined The Times in 2008 after 20 years at The [Washington] Post.” The bio adds that he spent four years working for The Post with Susan as Moscow bureau chiefs.

Goldberg Family

Journalists: Gerald Goldberg, Michelle Goldberg

Gerald Goldberg began working at Buffalo News as a journalist in 1977, assuming many positions over the following decades according to the paper, including “a reporter[,] copy editor, assistant news editor, news editor and assistant managing editor,” editorial page editor, and eventually managing editor.

Gerald is the father of Michelle Goldberg. Michelle’s website notes that she “became an Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times in 2017,” was previously a columnist at Slate, and “a frequent commentator on radio and television” whose work has appeared in “The New Yorker, Newsweek, The Nation, The New Republic, The Guardian and many other publications.”

Goldberg Family

Journalists: Sidney Goldberg, Lucianne Goldberg, Jonah Goldberg, Jessica Gavora, Joshua Goldberg

Sidney Goldberg and Lucianne Goldberg were a married couple.

Sidney began his career working as a journalist, including at The Washington Post, and eventually became a media executive. He died in 2005.

Sidney was described by The New York Times as “a colorful, conservative literary agent who played a pivotal role in the scandal that led to Bill Clinton’s impeachment.” Her obituary at the paper adds that “in later years, Ms. Goldberg turned to political blogging. Her report was an aggregation of news articles with pointed commentary.” She was played by Margo Martindale in the 2021 TV series Impeachment: American Crime Story. She died in 2022.

Sidney and Lucianne were the parents of Jonah Goldberg and Joshua Goldberg.

Jonah’s websites notes, “In 2019, he left National Review magazine after a 21-year stint to cofound The Dispatch, where he is Editor-in-Chief. He has been a weekly columnist for the Los Angeles Times since 2005 and a nationally syndicated columnist since 2000.” Jonah is married to Jessica Gavora. An author profile for Gavora at the National Review states that she is a “writer in Washington, DC, with clients including former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich and the College Sports Council. Previously, she was the senior speechwriter to attorney general Alberto Gonzales. Under attorney general John Ashcroft, Ms. Gavora was chief speechwriter and a senior policy advisor at the Department of Justice.”

Jonah writes in a eulogy that Joshua, his brother, “worked for years at NBC News […] He worked at a news syndicate. He spent some time at his beloved New York Post.” Joshua also spent time editing at his mother’s website. Joshua died in 2011.

Golic Family

Journalists: Mike Golic, Bob Golic, Mike Golic Jr.

Mike Golic and Bob Golic are brothers.

Mike was a football player, playing in the NFL for nine years. After that, he went on to have a career in sports media. A bio for Mike notes, “Mike Golic is an NFL analyst for ESPN. He co-hosts ‘Mike and Mike in the Morning’ […] He also serves as an analyst for ESPN and ESPN2’s NFL studio programming, as well as for the networks’ college football game coverage. Mike Golic joined ESPN in 1995 as an NFL reporter/analyst for Sunday NFL Countdown.”

Bob also was an NFL player who played in the league for 14 seasons. He would go on to host talk radio shows as well as do sports reporting, for a variety of channels.

Mike is the father, and Bob an uncle, of Mike Golic Jr. Mike Jr. also was a professional football player, although with a career far shorter than those of his dad and uncle. He also worked as a sports analyst following the end of his playing career, starting in 2015 at ESPN where he co-hosted the Mike and Mike show with his dad, and then doing the same on another show. He now is the host of a podcast.

Haberman Family

Journalists: Clyde Haberman, Maggie Haberman, Dareh Gregorian, Zach Haberman

Clyde Haberman is a former columnist at The New York Times, and currently a contributing writer for the paper. An archived author bio notes that Clyde started working at the paper in 1977, and held a variety of roles over the ensuing decades. Prior to that, he worked at the New York Post.

Clyde is the father of Maggie Haberman and Zach Haberman.

Maggie is currently the White House correspondent at The Times. Prior to joining that paper in 2015, she also worked at Politico, the Post and the New York Daily News. After Maggie joined The Times, Clyde tweeted: “A proud papa gets to say that the Haberman byline will continue at NY Times. Maggie Haberman is joining the paper.” In 2003, Maggie got married to Dareh Gregorian, who is a longtime reporter currently working at NBC News.

Zach has worked in a variety of journalism roles, including as the breaking news editor at the Daily News and the managing editor of news at the Post.

Hamilton Family

Journalists: Thomas J. Hamilton, Thomas J. Hamilton Jr., William B. Hamilton, Jane Mayer

Thomas J. Hamilton was the editor and publisher of The Augusta Chronicle. He died in 1937.

Thomas was the father of Thomas J. Hamilton Jr. The New York Times writes that Thomas Jr. was a “New York Times correspondent for 35 years who was chief of the paper’s United Nations bureau from 1946 to 1965[,] headed the Madrid bureau of The Times from 1939 to 1941, the Bonn bureau from 1965 to 1967 and the Geneva bureau from 1967 until his retirement in 1972.” He joined the paper in 1937 in the London bureau. Prior to The Times, he worked at a range of publications, including The Atlanta Journal, the Associated Press and as a replacement for his father, who was ill, at The Chronicle. He died in 1987.

Thomas Jr. was the father of William B. Hamilton. William worked as the deputy national editor of political coverage for The Washington Post, as well as an editor for The Times.

In 1992, William married Jane Mayer. A profile for Jane at The New Yorker notes, “Jane Mayer has been a staff writer at The New Yorker since 1995. The magazine’s chief Washington correspondent, she covers politics, culture, and national security. Previously, she worked at the Wall Street Journal […] In 1984, she became the paper’s first female White House correspondent.” Jane wrote the 2016 book Dark Money. Jane is also, according to her wedding announcement, “a great-great-granddaughter of Emanuel Lehman, a founder of Lehman Brothers.” To learn more about Jane’s family, you can go to the Mayer family section.

Holt Family

Journalists: Lester Holt, Stefan Holt

Lester Holt has worked as a TV journalist for more than 40 years, including at CBS-owned stations and NBC News. Since 2015, he has anchored NBC Nightly News. He is also the main anchor of Dateline NBC. He has won many awards.

Lester is the father of Stefan Holt. In 2016, the Los Angeles Times published an article about Stefan titled, “Lester Holt’s son joining NBC’s New York station as afternoon anchor.” It started off with: “Stefan Holt, the son of ‘NBC Nightly News’ anchor Lester Holt, will soon be able to share a ride to the office with his father. The younger Holt has been hired by NBC’s New York station, WNBC, to anchor its new 4 p.m. newscast. Stefan Holt has spent the last five years working for NBC’s Chicago station, WMAQ — just a short walk from the former location of WBBM, where Lester Holt worked before joining NBC News. Stefan Holt was born in Chicago during his father’s 15-year run as an anchor in the city.” In 2020, Stefan returned to working in Chicago.

Johnson Family

Journalists: David Johnson, Nancy Polinsky Johnson, Michael Simon Johnson,

David Johnson and Nancy Polinsky Johnson are a married couple.

David has worked with the WPXI TV station in Pittsburgh, Pa., since 1985. He became the evening news anchor in 1989, and a bio for him on that website notes that he “is the co-anchor of Channel 11 News at 5, 6 and WPXI Tonight with Lisa Sylvester. He also anchors the News on PCNC at 7 p.m.”

Nancy worked in broadcasting journalism for more than two decades, including producing and hosting shows. In 2009, she purchased SHADY AVE magazine in Pittsburgh, and became the publisher and editor. Last year, she sold the magazine.

David and Nancy are the parents of Michael Simon Johnson. An author profile for Michael at The New York Times notes, “Michael Simon Johnson is an audio producer for ‘The Daily,’ based in New York. Previously, he produced the limited-run New York Times podcast ‘The New Washington.’ An audio engineer by training, his past work includes Afropop Worldwide, NPR’s Latino USA, and 60dB.”

In December 2022, Michael tweeted, “Both of my parents are/were journalists!! Interestingly (or not) my career was really a mistake and didn’t have anything to do with them directly. That said, it’s easy for me to imagine navigating the industry has been easier for me based on the kind of conversations we had in our house growing up. Ambient nepotism.”

Mayer Family

Journalists: Allan Nevins, Jane Mayer, William B. Hamilton

Allan Nevins was a historian who worked as a journalist in the early part of his career. Allan’s obituary notes that he spent nearly 20 years in journalism, joining “the New York evening Post as an editorial writer” in 1913, spending 10 years there before moving to “The Sun as literary editor, and from 1925 to 1931 [writing] editorials for The World.” He died in 1971.

Allan was the grandfather of Jane Mayer. A profile for Jane at The New Yorker notes, “Jane Mayer has been a staff writer at The New Yorker since 1995. The magazine’s chief Washington correspondent, she covers politics, culture, and national security. Previously, she worked at the Wall Street Journal […] In 1984, she became the paper’s first female White House correspondent.” Jane wrote the 2016 book Dark Money. Jane is also, according to her wedding announcement, “a great-great-granddaughter of Emanuel Lehman, a founder of Lehman Brothers.”

In 1992, Jane married William B. Hamilton. William worked as the deputy national editor of political coverage for The Washington Post, as well as an editor for The Times. To learn more about William’s family, you can go to the Hamilton family section.

Osnos Family

Journalists: Peter Osnos, Evan Osnos

Peter Osnos is the founder and editor of PublicAffairs, and formerly worked as a journalist. A bio for Peter at the Human Rights Watch website notes, “Between 1966-1984 Peter Osnos was a reporter and foreign correspondent for The Washington Post and served as the newspaper’s foreign and national editor. From 1984-1996 he was Vice President, Associate Publisher and senior editor at Random House and publisher of Random House’s Times Books division.  In 1997, he founded PublicAffairs, an imprint of the Hachette Brook Group specializing in books of journalism, history, biography and social criticism.  He served as Publisher and CEO until 2005.” He also has a Substack

Peter is the father of Evan Osnos. An author bio at The New Yorker for Evan notes, “Evan Osnos joined The New Yorker as a staff writer in 2008. […] Previously, Osnos worked as the Beijing bureau chief for the Chicago Tribune, where he was part of a team that won the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting. Before his assignment to China, he worked in the Middle East, reporting mostly from Iraq. He is a CNN contributor and a frequent guest on ‘The Daily Show,’ ‘Fresh Air,’ and other programs.”

Podhoretz Family

Journalists: Norman Podhoretz, Midge Decter, John Podhoretz, Ruthie Blum

Norman Podhoretz and Midge Decter were a married couple.

Norman worked as the editor of Commentary Magazine from 1960 to 1995. Since then, he has acted as the editor-at-large, and has written widely elsewhere. Norman has written more than 15 books, and is also the subject of a biography.

The New York Times describes Midge as “a writer and editor who abandoned liberalism to help lay the intellectual foundation for the neoconservative movement and the so-called culture wars over feminism, gay rights and other social issues.” The paper notes that she worked as assistant editor at Midstream magazine, managing editor of Commentary, editor at the Hudson Institute, editor of CBS Legacy Books, executive editor of Harper’s, book review editor at the Saturday Review, and a senior editor at Basic Books. She died in 2022.

Norman and Midge are the parents of John Podhoretz and Ruthie Blum.

A speaker bio for John notes, “He is a twice-weekly columnist for the New York Post, a political commentator for the Fox News Channel, a cultural commentator for National Review Online.” The bio states that prior to his current positions, he “worked at Time, the Washington Times, Insight on the News, and U.S. News & World Report,” “appeared on television as a political commentator, on Fox News, CNN’s Reliable Sources, and The McLaughlin Group,” and also co-founded the Weekly Standard. In 2009, John became the editor of Commentary, just like his father. An article from The New York Times about the appointment states: “When John Podhoretz was 7, he asked his father, Norman, the editor of Commentary, if he would succeed him when he stopped working. The elder Podhoretz told him no. He was wrong.”

Ruthie works as a columnist for the Jewish News Syndicate and The Jerusalem Post. She previously worked for The Post as a senior editor.

Rich Family

Journalists: Frank Rich, Alex Witchel, Nathaniel Rich, Simon Rich

Frank Rich spent decades as a journalist. A New York magazine bio for Frank notes that he joined “New York magazine in June 2011 as Writer-at-Large […]  following a distinguished career at the New York Times, where he had been an op-ed columnist since 1994. He was previously the paper’s chief drama critic, from 1980 to 1993. […] From 2003 to 2005, Rich had been the front-page columnist for the Sunday ‘Arts & Leisure’ section as part of that section’s redesign and expansion. He also served as senior adviser to the Times’s culture editor on the paper’s overall cultural-news report. From 1999 to 2003, he was also senior writer for The New York Times Magazine. The dual title was a first for the Times.”

Frank married Alex Witchel in 1991. A Simon & Schuster author bio for Alex states, “Alex Witchel is a staff writer for The New York Times Magazine and also writes ‘Feed Me,’ a monthly column for the Times Dining section.” An author bio at the Times states that she was a reporter at the publication for 25 years.

Frank is the father of Nathaniel Rich and Simon Rich. Alex is their step-mother.

Nathaniel’s website states: “Rich is a writer-at-large for The New York Times Magazine and a frequent contributor to The Atlantic, Harper’s, and The New York Review of Books.”

Simon is a comedy writer who has worked on several films and television shows, including Saturday Night Live. He has also published multiple books, and writes regularly for The New Yorker.

A 2013 article from The New York Times — a publication Frank, Alex and Nathaniel have all worked for — about the brothers begins as such: “Those who go into the family business, if that business is writing, often have a tricky path to navigate, one that involves battling the perception of nepotism while carving out their identities. Many have stumbled along the way. […] In contrast, the brothers Nathaniel and Simon Rich — the sons of the New York literary notables Frank Rich and Gail Winston — make it look like a walk in Central Park.”

Russert Family

Journalists: Tim Russert, Maureen Orth, Luke Russert

Tim Russert and Maureen Orth were a married couple.

Tim joined NBC News in 1984, and spent the next two decades working in the Washington bureau and then as the moderator of Meet The Press. He died in 2008. After his death, Bill and Hillary Clinton, as well as then-President of the United States George W. Bush, issued statements in mourning.

Maureen has worked in journalism since the early ’70s. A bio for her at Vanity Fair states: “Orth began her journalism career in 1973 at Newsweek, where she was the entertainment editor and the lifestyle editor and wrote seven cover stories. She went on to become a contributing editor at Vogue, a columnist for New York Woman, a network correspondent for NBC News, and a senior editor at New York and New West magazines.” It adds that she had been writing and editing for Vanity Fair since 1989. She is currently listed as a special correspondent at the publication.

Luke Russert is the son of Tim and Maureen.

Luke’s website states: “Since August of 2008, Luke Russert has served as a DC-based correspondent for NBC News. Russert is an Emmy award winning journalist who can be seen on popular outlets such as ‘NBC Nightly News,’ ‘Today,’, and MSNBC, where he reports on the House of Representatives from his location on Capitol Hill.” A Los Angeles Times article about his hiring at NBC stated: “The Russert tradition is continuing on NBC News. The network announced Thursday that it had hired Luke Russert, son of the late Tim Russert, to serve as a correspondent at large.” He left NBC in 2016, and has since worked as a travel writer.

Sanger Family

Journalists: Elliott M. Sanger, Eleanor Naumburg, David E. Sanger

Elliot M. Sanger and Eleanor Naumburg were a married couple.

Elliot was “the co-founder and longtime chief of WQXR, the pioneer classical music radio station that became the station of The New York Times in 1944.” He died in 1989. Eleanor worked at the station for 27 years, eventually becoming the program director. She died in 2000.

Elliot and Eleanor were grandparents of David E. Sanger.

An author profile for David at The Times states: “David E. Sanger is a White House and national security correspondent, and a senior writer [who has had] a 38-year reporting career for The New York Times.”

Seigenthaler Family

Journalists: John L. Seigenthaler, John M. Seigenthaler, Kerry Brock

John L. Seigenthaler was the editor of The Tennessean for 29 years. The New York Times writes that he “worked on John F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign in 1960 and joined the Justice Department the next year,” and also founded USA Today. He died in 2014.

John L. was the father of John M. Seigenthaler. John has spent more than three decades in journalism, including as an anchor at NBC, MSNBC and Al Jazeera America. John married Kerry Brock. Kerry’s website states: “During her 20-year television career, she hosted the PBS program Freedom Speaks, served as a media analyst for CNN, Fox, Time, the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times and spent a decade as a news anchor/reporter for KOMO-TV, the ABC affiliate in Seattle.” John and Kerry worked as a co-anchor/reporter team at one point.

Stern Family

Journalists: Irena Choi Stern, Marlow Stern

Irena Choi Stern worked as the “assistant dean for alumni relations” at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism for 10 years, retiring in 2014. Prior to that, she wrote for “the New York Times, Psychology Today, the New York Daily News, and AOL.”

Irena is the mother of Marlow Stern. Marlow is currently the senior entertainment editor at Rolling Stone magazine. Prior to that, he was a “senior entertainment editor for The Daily Beast” and “an editor at Newsweek and Amplifier Magazine.” He is a graduate of Columbia’s journalism school, and currently teaches there as well.

Stewart Family

Journalists: Martha Stewart, Alexis Stewart

Martha Stewart has been, among many other things, a TV personality and magazine editor. She hosted a TV show for more than a decade, and also served as the editor-in-chief of the Martha Stewart Living Magazine. She currently hosts a podcast.

Martha is the mother of Alexis Stewart. Alexis formerly hosted a TV and radio show.

Sulzberger Family

Journalists: Adolph Ochs, Iphigene Bertha Ochs Sulzberger, Arthur Hays Sulzberger, Marian Sulzberger Heiskell, Ruth Sulzberger Holmberg, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Orvil Dryfoos, Andrew Heiskell, Michael Greenspon, James Dryfoos, Ben Hale Golden, Albert William Holmberg Jr., Michael Golden, Rachel Barnes Golden, Edward Dolnick, Samuel Dolnick, Tess Iphigene Golden, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr., Gail Gregg, Arthur Gregg Sulzberger, Molly Messick

Adolph Ochs was an owner of The New York Times, and served as its publisher from 1896 until his death in 1935. He also owned and published The Chattanooga Times.

Adolph was the father of Iphigene Bertha Ochs Sulzberger. Iphigene was a trustee and director of The New York Times, and its sole heiress. She died in 1990.

Iphigene and Arthur Hays Sulzberger were a married couple. Arthur started working at The New York Times in 1918, a year after marrying Iphigene, and became the publisher after his father-in-law’s death in 1935. He served as the publisher of the paper until 1961, and died in 1968.

Iphigene and Arthur were the parents of Marian Sulzberger Heiskell, Ruth Sulzberger Holmberg, and Arthur Ochs Sulzberger.

Marian became a director of The New York Times in 1963, and held the position for 34 years. She died in 2019.

Ruth was the publisher of The Chattanooga Times from 1964 to 1992. In 1987, she was elected as the director of the Associated Press. She also was on the board of The New York Times for 37 years. She died in 2017.

Arthur Ochs became the publisher of The New York Times in 1963, and held the position until 1992. He was the chairman and chief executive until 1997. He died in 2012.

Marian was married to Orvil Dryfoos and then Andrew Heiskell. Orvil was the publisher of The New York Times from 1961 until his death in 1963, at which point Marian’s brother took over. Andrew was the chairman and CEO of Time Inc. from 1960 until 1980. He died in 2003. One of Marian’s grandchildren, Michael Greenspon, has had a decades-long career in the news industry, including 15 years at The New York Times in a variety of positions, such as “Global Head, NYT Licensing & Print Innovation.” Another one of Marian’s grandchildren, James Dryfoos, is currently “Executive Director, Technology Risk and Compliance” at The New York Times.

Ruth was married to Ben Hale Golden and then Albert William Holmberg Jr. Albert began his career at The New York Times, as a circulation manager and general manager. He eventually became chief business officer of The Chattanooga Times. He died in 2005. Ruth and Ben were the parents of Michael Golden. Michael spent decades working in various positions at The New York Times and The Chattanooga Times. He retired from his position as the vice chairman of The New York Times Company in 2016. One of Michael’s daughters, and Ruth’s granddaughters, Rachel Barnes Golden, worked as a marketing manager at The New York Times. Another one of Ruth’s grandkids, Samuel Dolnick, joined The New York Times in 2009, and now works as a deputy managing editor. His father is Edward Dolnick, who was formerly the chief science writer at the Boston Globe. Another of Ruth’s grandkids, Tess Iphigene Golden, formerly blogged for The New York Times’s style section.

Arthur Ochs was the father of Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr.. Arthur Jr. was the publisher of The New York Times from 1992 until 2017, and the chairman from 1997 until 2020. Arthur Jr. was married to Gail Gregg. Gail is an artist who has done freelance writing and formerly worked as a reporter. Arthur Jr. and Gail are the parents of Arthur Gregg Sulzberger, who took over as chairman and publisher of The New York Times from his father. He currently holds both positions. A bio for him on the paper’s website notes that he is “the sixth member of the Ochs-Sulzberger family to serve The Times as publisher.” In 2018, Arthur Gregg married Molly Messick, who has done producing, editing, reporting and hosting work at a variety of radio stations.

For an easier time navigating this family tree, you can consult a graphic put together by New York Magazine in 2008.

Taibbi Family

Journalists: Mike Taibbi, Matt Taibbi

Mike Taibbi worked as a journalist for more than 40 years, including as a correspondent for ABC News, CBS and NBC. He retired in 2014.

Mike is the father of Matt Taibbi. Matt’s Substack bio notes: “For most of the last twenty years I’ve been writing online and in print for Rolling Stone magazine. I’ve also written books for Spiegel and Grau, a Penguin/Random House imprint, including four New York Times bestsellers, as well as OR Books.” Matt stopped writing for Rolling Stone regularly in 2020, and announced that his Substack was now his full-time job.

Wallace Family

Journalist: Mike Wallace, Chris Wallace, Bill Leonard,

Mike Wallace worked as a reporter for more than 50 years, including 38 years on the 60 Minutes show at CBS. He died in 2012.

Mike was the father of Chris Wallace. Chris has also worked for decades in broadcast journalism, including at NBC News, ABC News, Fox News and as of last year, CNN.

Chris’ stepfather was William Leonard. William spent decades at CBS News, eventually becoming the president of the network. An obituary for William at The New York Times notes that he “helped oversee the creation of ‘60 Minutes.’” He died in 1994.

Wilson Family

Journalists: Mike Wilson, Lena Wilson

Mike Wilson is currently the deputy sports editor at The New York Times. An announcement of his hiring in 2020 from the paper notes that he is “the former editor of The Dallas Morning News and managing editor of The Tampa Bay Times” and that his career also “includes writing and editing stops at The Miami Herald and FiveThirtyEight, where he was the founding managing editor.”

Mike is the father of Lena Wilson. Lena’s website notes that she is “a Brooklyn-based journalist” who is “primarily an arts critic focused on film [but] also reports on gender, technology, and lesbian culture.” The page also states: “Lena was raised in Florida, where she often accompanied her father to his job at The Tampa Bay Times and hid in the TV critic’s office.” Her resume page on the website lists her as having worked as a project manager at The New York Times since 2018.

Wintour Family

Journalist: Charles Wintour, Audrey Slaughter, Anna Wintour, Patrick Wintour, Rachel Sylvester

Anna Wintour is currently the editor in chief of American Vogue. She has worked at Vogue publications for decades, in addition to a range of other work experiences.

Anna’s father was Charles Wintour. Charles worked in journalism in the United Kingdom for several decades, including as the editor of the London Evening Standard. He died in 1999.

Anna’s stepmother was Audrey Slaughter. Audrey was a magazine journalist, who helped launch multiple successful publications. She also worked at British versions of Vanity Fair and Cosmopolitan, and co-founded the Sunday Express Magazine with Charles. Audrey died in 2020.

One of Anna’s brothers is Patrick Wintour. Patrick currently works as diplomatic editor for The Guardian. He has also worked at the New Statesman and The Observer. A 2011 Total Politics article notes that Patrick had gotten married to Rachel Sylvester. An author bio for Rachel at The Times states: “Rachel Sylvester is a political columnist at The Times. She started writing about politics in 1996 and was a lobby correspondent on The Daily Telegraph before becoming political editor of The Independent on Sunday. She joined The Times in 2008.”

Yglesias Family

Journalists: Jose Yglesias, Matthew Yglesias,

Jose Yglesias wrote novels and plays, and also worked as a journalist. His experience in journalism included being a film critic for Communist Party USA publication The Daily Worker as well as writing articles for The New Yorker and The New York Times Magazine. He died in 1995.

Jose was the grandfather of Matthew Yglesias. Matthew currently writes at Substack, as well as in a column at Bloomberg. He is also the co-founder of Vox, and worked at a range of publications prior to that.