From The Maple: A new report published today by Environmental Defence Canada and Oil Change International finds that Canada’s major oil and gas companies are nowhere close to meeting Paris Agreement targets, Taylor C. Noakes reports for The Maple.

  • The report, titled “Canada’s Big Oil Reality Check," finds Canadian oil and gas producers are on track to expand production to 30 per cent above 2020 levels by 2030, leading to an anticipated 25 per cent increase in carbon emissions.

Notably, Noakes explains, the climate change strategies employed by most of the companies assessed in the report don’t count the roughly 70-80 per cent of emissions caused by the burning of oil and gas — the very products they’re producing.

  • Noakes writes: "The report is quite explicit in its conclusion: Canadians cannot allow the oil and gas sector to manage Canada’s climate change strategy, and Canadian governments cannot be permitted to claim this country is a climate change leader all while continuing to be a major oil and gas producer."

Read Noakes' full story for The Maple here.

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