From The Canadian Press: Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has apologized for the fact that some patients have been left without access to health care as the province’s health system deals with an influx of COVID-19 patients amid the pandemic fourth wave, CP reported Tuesday.

  • Moe issued the apology on CBC’s The Morning Edition radio show a day after the Sask. Party government announced that six COVID-19 patients were being sent to Ontario for treatment, according to CP.

The Sask. Party government has cancelled more than 275 public health services, including open-heart and brain operations, and has suspended its organ donation program.

Read CP’s full story here.

Sask. saw a record-breaking number of reported COVID-19 cases for the month of September, and 92 deaths. Moe’s government has been heavily criticized by medical professionals for failing to re-introduce public health restrictions quickly enough to curb the spread of the fourth wave.

  • The province reintroduced mandatory indoor masking and self-isolating for COVID-19 patients in September, and a vaccine passport system earlier this month, moves that came after the province lifted all health restrictions back in July.

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