In your opinion, what is the most valuable part of the journalism produced at the Maple?

Breakdown of daily issues into understandable content 24.43%
Covering issues in depth that the corporate media won’t 43.58%
Insightful analysis I can’t find anywhere else 9.44%
Interviews with experts 5.51%
Investigative news stories 16.35%

In your opinion, do you think the length of the newsletter is:

Just right 90.92%
Too long 4.26%
Too short 4.83%

Which part of the daily newsletter is most important to you?

Audio and video features 1.59%
Maple podcast 0.80%
The feature section (The top part of the newsletter where we explain 2-3 important news stories in more depth) 68.07%
The list of daily news stories 29.54%

Which topic(s) would you like to see us cover more? Check all that apply.

Climate change 69.57%
The far-right in Canada/racism 55.72%
Indigenous issues 53.82%
International affairs/Canada’s relationship with the world 50.65%
Seniors 49.13%
Housing 41.07%

We are thinking about doing a long-form series of stories that goes in-depth on a major issue to help you understand it more. What series interests you the most?

Aging and affordability: 20.90%
Policing in Canada 5.12%
Power and wealth in Canada 37.89%
Public health and privatization 36.09%

What type of content would you like to hear more of in our podcasts?

An investigative series digging deeper into an important issue. 62.17%
Explainer episodes where we unpack the biggest stories in the news. 29.00%
More one-on-one interviews with politicians and public figures. 8.83%

The Maple is entirely reader-funded. We don’t take corporate or advertising money which means we rely on readers like you to fund our journalism. How important is this?

Not important 4.31%
Somewhat important 36.06%
Very important 59.63%

On a scale of 1-5, how likely would you be to recommend The Maple to your friends and family?

3.72% were unlikely or very unlikely
23.68% were neutral
72.60% were likely or very likely to recommend The Maple to friends and family