The Maple has created a database of family relations in Canadian politics in order to shed more light on the makeup of our political legislatures.

This database focuses on elected representatives at the federal, provincial and territorial levels. In order to be included, the elected representative must have at least one family member that is/was an elected representative in Canada, ran as a candidate in an election or is/was a senator. Eligible family relations include any that are direct or through marriage.

This database can be searched by clicking the link below to head to the special site we’ve created to host the tool.

Every single one of the eligible elected representatives we discovered is included in the database. They’ve each been assigned a card that lists the name(s) of their family member(s), their title(s) and their relation(s) to the elected representative. For example, here is one listing on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s card: “Pierre Trudeau (former prime minister) - Father.”

If you’re curious about any specific elected representatives, you can search them by name. If you’re curious about any specific government body (for example, MPs or MLAs in Nova Scotia), you can use the tool’s drop down menu to narrow the results, perhaps to the province or territory where you live, for example. If a representative you think should be there isn’t, you can email us at Please include specific names as well as sources.

This information is accurate as of April 20, 2023, and may become outdated in the future following new elections, resignations or by-elections. We will do our best to keep it updated, however.

This database is the latest in our series of resource guides, all of which you can find here. These include collections of family relations in Canadian and American journalism, as well as a collection of relations between Canadian journalists and politicians.

This is the first resource we’ve hosted using this specific tool. We plan to host many of our older, though still relevant, guides on this tool in the future as well. All of this takes a great deal of work. If you’d like to support The Maple to help fund more of these projects in the future, please check out our membership page. We are 100 per cent funded by our readers.

We will have more analysis of this database in the future, but for now, here are some things we pulled out from the results.

103 elected representatives met the criteria of the search.

4 of the top seven federal cabinet members were included.

24 of these elected representatives hold the same position as a family member.

14 of these elected representatives have a family member active in politics.

Here is a chart listing the percentage (rounded to the nearest percentage point) of elected representatives in each area/at each level that have been included in this database:

Nunavut MLAs 27%; Newfoundland and Labrador MHAs 18%; Premiers 15%; Ontario MPPs 13%; MPs 11%; Northwest Territory MLAs 11%; Prince Edward Island MLAs 11%; Yukon MLAs 11%; New Brunswick MLAs 9%; Alberta MLAs 8%; Manitoba MLAs 7%; Nova Scotia MLAs 7%; Quebec MNAs 6%; British Columbia MLAs 2%; Saskatchewan MLAs 2%

Here is a chart listing the top five elected representatives with the most family members who meet the criteria for this database:

Nate Horner - Alberta MLA 6; Ted Flemming - New Brunswick MLA 3; Doug Ford - Ontario Premier 3; Michael Ford - Ontario MPP 3; Kelly Regan - Nova Scotia MLA 3

Here is a chart listing all active elected representatives who hold the same position that a family member also used to hold:

Prime Minister - Pierre Trudeau and Justin Trudeau; MP for Elmwood—Transcona - Daniel Blaikie and Bill Blaikie; MP for Hastings—Lennox and Addington - Shelby Kramp-Neuman and Daryl Kramp; MP for London—Fanshawe - Lindsay Mathyssen and Irene Mathyssen; MP for Cypress Hills—Grasslands - Jeremy Patzer and David Anderson; MP for Nickel Belt - Marc Serré and Gaetan-Joseph Serré; MP for Chilliwack—Hope - Mark Strahl and Chuck Strahl; MP for Scarborough—Agincourt - Jean Yip and Arnold Chan; MPP for Simcoe North - Jill Dunlop and Garfield Dunlop; MPP for Ottawa South - Dalton McGuinty and Dalton McGuinty Sr.; MNA for Jacques-Cartier - Greg Kelley and Geoffrey Kelley; Leader of the Alberta NDP - Rachel Notley and Grant Notley; MLA for The Pas - Amanda Lathlin and Oscar Lathlin; MLA for Charlottetown-Brighton - Rob Lantz and Jeff Lantz; MLA for New Maryland-Sunbury - Jeff Carr and Jack Carr; MLA for Digby-Annapolis - Jill Balser and Gordon Balser; MHA for Harbour Main - Helen Conway-Ottenheimer and Tom Hedderson; MHA for Torngat Mountains - Lela Evans and Randy Edmunds; MHA for Exploits - Pleaman Forsey and Clayton Forsey

Here is a chart listing all active elected representatives that are related:

Doug Ford and Michael Ford; Xavier Barsalou-Duval and Marilène Gill; Valerie Bradford and Brad Bradford; Peter Fonseca and Christine Fonseca; Hedy Fry and Pete Fry; Kevin Lamoureux and Cindy Lamoureux; Ernie Hardeman and John Vanthof; Greg Kelley and Marwah Rizqy; Earl Dreeshen and Devin Dreeshen; Jeremy Nixon and Jason Nixon; Jim Dinn and Paul Dinn; Lela Evans and Anthony Andersen and Wally Andersen; R.J. Simpson and Rocky Simpson; Joe Savikataaq and Joe Savikataaq Jr.