The Maple and Passage are excited to announce that we’ve begun the process of merging our two publications. This merger will bring together two of Canada’s top independent, reader-funded publications to create an even more impactful media outlet.

The Maple has built a loyal readership by reporting stories that are ignored or underreported by the corporate press, while Passage has become known for publishing opinion and analysis that challenges the mainstream.

We’re proud to have built up successful publications at both The Maple and Passage, but we know we need to do more to secure our future. By merging our two publications, we’re pooling our resources, combining our editorial strengths and creating a more sustainable model for independent journalism.

The new publication’s name will be The Maple. However, both publications’ logos will be merged to represent the new entity. We’ll continue to be an independent, reader-funded non-profit, ensuring that our journalism remains free from outside editorial influence.

Alex Cosh, The Maple’s managing editor, will become the publication’s news editor. Davide Mastracci, Passage’s managing editor, will become the publication’s opinion editor. Both will continue to determine what stories get published, and important decisions regarding the publication as a whole will be made based on consensus.

A new website will also be rolled out very soon. And all content on past websites will gradually be migrated over (though access to previous articles on the old sites will remain open for months).

Those who support us financially should expect minimal changes. You’ll continue to pay what you always have, but will now receive the benefits of what was previously two memberships.

For those who support both publications, your memberships will be merged. The less affordable membership will be cancelled.

We’ll be updating readers and members with more details in the next few days. But for now, we’ve created an FAQ page to answer some of the questions we expect you may have. You can visit that here.