The Maple is excited to announce the launch of Expats & Allies, a brand new podcast examining the history of how Nazi war criminals and fascist collaborators found refuge in North America after the end of the Second World War.

We were inspired to launch this show following the Nazi Parliament scandal last September, when Canadian MPs rose to give a standing ovation to a man who, it turned out, had fought in a Waffen SS unit in Ukraine.

The scandal, and its ongoing fallout, raised a number of important and troubling questions: How did a Nazi war veteran end up in Canada, and why was he invited to Parliament? How many other such veterans are living comfortable lives in Canada and in the United States? Were these veterans really ever absolved of any wrongdoing?

Together with cohosts Chuka Ejeckam and Sarah Rieger, we’ll be examining these questions with historical research, interviews with special guests and much more. We’ll look at a wide range of different examples, from the Galicia Division in Ukraine to Operation Paperclip in the United States.

This show is going to be hosted and promoted by The Maple, but funded by paying members who sign up to support the show. Episode one is freely available for download now on all major podcast apps.

Paying supporters of the podcast who sign up today will get instant access to the first three episodes of the show, and advance access to all future episodes.

In addition to this premium access, you’ll also be helping to support the intensive research, time and work that will be necessary to get this show off the ground. This project won’t be possible without your help.

If you were a subscriber to The Maple’s old podcast, North Untapped, you’ll see free episodes of Expats & Allies automatically appear in your freed starting today.