Written by Alex Cosh

In this week’s episode of North Untapped, we spoke to John Cartwright, chairperson of the Council of Canadians, about a new organization that is helping to prepare communities for the next iteration of the so-called “freedom” convoy that turned into a month-long occupation of Ottawa back in February.

The Community Solidarity Project says it is providing tools for local groups to tackle the growing threat posed by the convoy movement, and is based on values of social, economic, racial and climate justice.

Cartwright, who is involved with coordinating the organization, explained:

“We put together a very short-term pilot project to come up with a messaging toolbox that people could use, so there's a common narrative that is the antidote to ‘freedom means me, and myself, and I do whatever I want.’ The common narrative [says] the experience of our own history in Canada and of COVID is together, [and] when we come together, and win public programs, and win collective solutions, that's when we do best.”

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