Between Dec. 1, 2021 and November 30, we published 102 articles, including eight in-depth resource guides. We also published more than 190 Digest newsletter editions, seven Roundup newsletter editions, 53 Class Struggle newsletter editions and 10 Dissected newsletter editions.

Together, these articles, as well as other pages on our site, brought in more than 493,000 unique page views.

The top five articles by unique page views were the following:

  1. Invoking The Emergencies Act Is A Dangerous Mistake” by Nora Loreto, published on February 14.
  1. I Watched An 857-Hour Movie To Encounter Capitalism’s Extremes” by Ashley Darrow, published on August 10.
  1. Hypocrisy Aside, Bell’s ‘Let’s Talk’ Campaign Is Deeply Harmful” by Scott Martin, published on January 24.
  1. I’m Supposed To Feel Sorry For Landlords? I Don’t!” by Davide Mastracci, published on May 6.
  1. Canada’s Deputy PM Posed With A Ukrainian Fascist Symbol” by Davide Mastracci, published on March 1.

This list is taken from our 2022 Transparency Report, which we encourage all readers to check out.

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